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Areas of Practice


Medicare Insurance Plans

Your health is your greatest asset. Protecting your health and your quality of care with the right type of Medicare insurance plan is the corner stone of a sound retirement.  We work with our clients to explain the different types of Medicare insurance plans available to them and find the most appropriate.  As licensed representatives of the top providers of Medicare insurance, we also make sure to update our clients’ plans as needed.  In addition, we look to see if our clients qualify for savings plans and other benefits offered through the State and other agencies.  

Life Insurance

Having the right type of life insurance policy in place during your retirement is important. We work with the top companies in the nation to customize the right type of life insurance policy for each client and their family.  We specialize in final expense insurance as well as finding life insurance for those with medical issues.  Working with us, we will show you the options that most suit your needs and budget.

Retirement Investments

Saving for your retirement takes decades.  We focus on making sure that those savings provide the long term income that you depend on for your retirement. We are not speculators or aggressive investment managers. Security and stability are our specialties.  When we work with a client’s investment it is important for us to have a complete grasp of your needs, expectations and objectives.   From this point we can construct a plan that you and your family can depend on throughout your retirement.